ISRI Circle of Safety Excellence™ (Open Enrollment)


The ISRI Circle of Safety Excellence ™ (COSE) is an initiative offered by ISRI to help improve worker, vehicle and facility safety within the recycling industry. The COSE members consist of like-minded companies which voluntarily come forward to share best practices and safety data for the betterment of their own safety operation, and at the same time be recognized by ISRI for their commitment to safety.

Member Benefits:

  • Improve employee safety
  • Availability to network and share safety best practices e.g., near misses
  • Access to quarterly COSE webinars
  • Participate in setting safety benchmarks
  • Reduce worker's compensation claims
  • Improve your experience modification rate
  • Opportunity to participate in the annual ISRI COSE Occupational Awards Program
  • One Free safety outreach visit per year for COSE members who provide 5 years of loss run data in addition to their normal COSE data requirements   
  • Learn more about the program

Who is in the Circle

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COSE Occupational Awards


The ISRI Circle of Safety Excellence (COSE) awards recognize and rewards member companies for outstanding commitment to the safety of their employees by instilling core safety values and exhibiting continuous improvement in safety programs and worker incident reduction.

COSE Occupational Awards:

  1. Best-in-Class Award (Competitive Based)
  2. Rising Star Award (Perfomance Based)
  3. Superior Achievement Award (Performance Based)

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