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The manufacture and distribution of plastics are seen everywhere. The explosive growth of this industry has alarmed many around the world about the state of recycling systems and a growing global movement to ensure that plastics are handled in an environmentally responsible manner. From 2005 to 2015, annual world plastics production reached 322 million metric tons from 230 million. ISRI estimates that the U.S. recycles more than 3.5 million tons of plastic every year. Every ton of plastics that are recycled can save enough energy to power nearly two households for an entire year!

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Shipping Plastic Scrap In compliance with the Basel Convention

Shipping Plastic Scrap

Gain a better understanding of what plastics can and cannot be exported and to where under the Basel Convention rules. 


Plastics Resins ID Guide Members Only

ISRI's Plastic Resin Identification Guide provides recyclers with a set of tools to help identify and process commonly recycled plastic resins.


Plastics Scrap Specs

In order to accurately reflect what plastic scrap commodities are being traded in the marketplace, ISRI has been in the process of updating our plastic scrap specifications. Recent updates and additions to the ISRI plastic scrap specs have covered bulky ridges (see below), tubs and lids with and without bulky, mixed color HDPE buckets, mixed color HMW HDPE drums, and mixed sorted and unsorted bottles and containers.

ISRI's Plastics Scrap Spec

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